Haiku: the transition to creative expression

Peace it Together participants were asked to write haikus or short poems as a way to distill their experience in the dialogue sessions. The result was an inspiring expression of the creative process.


Meet our panel of Critters...

Peace it Together is proud to present the 2011 "Critters": well-established filmmakers representing a variety of backgrounds in film genres and expertise who came in yesterday to critique the youth films during the final stages of editing.

The critiquing process involved the panel working closely with each group of 3 youth (consisting of one Canadian, one Israeli and one Palestinian) to watch a screening of their short film and then provide constructive feedback alongside the other panelists. These Critters' expertise will be sure to solidify some of the foundational skills youth take away from the overall program.  Introducing...


Composer Gil Talmi gives participants guidance on music & sound

This week, world-renowned composer, Gil Talmi, joined us at UBC to present workshops on the use of sound and music in film. Gil’s music has been used in movies and documentaries around the world, with a specific focus on films that work for peace and social change.


Conflict: the challenge in facing varied perspectives

Participants came into the Peace it Together program with varied perspectives on the conflict … points of view which aren't easily reconciled.  While the dialogue sessions and trust-building exercises promoted honesty and openness,  hearing how the 'other' truly feels was a challenging experience.


Home: Feelings, perceptions and understanding

Land, custom, family, belonging … Home is key to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  In this short video Peace it Together participants discuss their concept of home and how their feelings and perceptions have evolved over the course of the dialogue sessions.