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-January 29 -

After almost a year of organizational self-examination, community consultation and stakeholder engagement, Peace it Together is proud to share its new Strategic Plan, "Learning to Lead: Grounding peace work in action and change."


In addition to illustrating our comprehensive theory of change, and describing our short-term and long-term goals, "Learning to Lead" contains a new exciting and ambitious vision for Peace it Together, as well as a new set of guiding principles that explain our approach to peace building work. 


"Learning to Lead" demonstrates Peace it Together's progress as an evolving and responsive peace-building organization, and lays the foundation for Peace it Together to offer our most comprehensive and impactful programming yet. 


-August 2-

We're Hiring!

We are pleased to announce we have begun a search for a Co- Executive Director to join Reena Lazar in leading the work of Peace it Together. 

Returning to a joint leadership model is an exciting change that will have a positive impact on our next cohort of youth, set to begin a new dialogue, filmmaking and community engagement program in the summer of 2014. Moreover, we think this will best position Peace it Together to foster meaningful relationships with both Palestinian and Jewish/Israeli communities, in the region and around the world. 

It has been incredibly rewarding serving as Peace it Together''''s sole ED for the past four and a half years," said Reena Lazar. "Now I am looking forward to working with a partner again."

Reena, who identifies as Jewish, added that the organization would benefit from another leader with different - yet complementary - perspectives, experiences, and relationships from her own.

Background: Over the past year, staff, board and other stakeholders have been working hard supporting our youth as they screen their films, facilitate creative workshops and foster dialogue in their communities. At the same time, we have been developing a new Strategic Plan and exploring how to strengthen our work even further.

In this new Strategic Plan, we identify the need to pursue equitable representation of the communities we serve as a top priority. Hiring a Co Executive Director with strong ties to Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora is an important first step towards making this commitment a reality.

Experience: We are seeking a leader with:

  • strong relations with Palestinians in Palestine, Israel, and the diaspora
  • a passion for Peace it Together’s mission and vision
  • experience leading organizations or projects in face-to-face peace building between Palestinians and Israelis
  • strong financial management skills
  • the ability to communicate in English and Arabic
  • the ability to work on serious issues while fostering a creative and open workplace infused with commitment and possibility.

Click here to see the full job posting


-June 25-

We are proud to share with you a new series of short films, called Struggling with Peace:

The Struggling with Peace film series explores the key issues that emerged from the special symposium we held earlier this year:

  • understanding realities of occupation
  • taking action in meaningful ways
  • exploring critiques of dialogue, and
  • forming equitable partnerships in peace work

All four of these special films were made by 2011 Canadian youth participant Tim Hall, with support from Peace it Together staff, other youth from the 2011 Canadian delegation, and many others. To see the complete credits for these films, click here.

-February 20-

Mark your calendars! Peace it Together will be hosting renowned peace builders for a special two-day symposium Feb 27-28, 2013. During Struggling with Peace: Grounding peace work in action and changeaudiences will have the rare opportunity to engage with a panel of prominent peace builders and activists from Israel and Palestine, participate in a creative, hands-on workshop led by these renowned facilitators, and immerse themselves in the experience of creating art as a tool for peace building.

Struggling for Peace will comprise three public events over the course of two days, February 27-28, 2013.
All events are free, but registration is required. 


-November 29-

Statement from Peace it Together: Last week all of us here at Peace it Together heeded the news of a ceasefire in the Gaza strip with relief and caution. After eight days of the most intense fighting in the region since 2008-2009, we were grateful an agreement had been reached that would put an end to any further loss of life, injury, trauma, and displacement.

That said, a short-term truce does not guarantee individuals’ sense of security. This ceasefire simply serves as a return to the status quo; a situation understood by citizens, local and international leaders alike to be dangerous, volatile, and unsustainable. 
While we commend those whose actions led to the ceasefire, it is now imperative that these same parties demonstrate their resolve to forging a long-term, peaceful solution to the conflict, by continuing to participate in non-violent negotiation. The issues at hand are complex and multifaceted, but progress can only be made when all sides strengthen their commitment to engage in earnest dialogue, and foster a climate in which a peaceful solution can be reached.


-November 19-

Statement from Peace it Together: Peace it Together has long been concerned with the wellbeing of those living in Israel and Palestine, and the fact that violence has been an everyday reality for some. With the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, and Southern and Central Israel, Peace it Together is now particularly concerned about the safety of all those throughout Israel and Palestine.

Peace it Together believes in the importance of a renewed and ongoing commitment to peace-building. We encourage the use of non-violent approaches to prevent further bloodshed.

We hope leaders on all sides will end the violence and commit to non-violent forms of negotiation, to forge a sustainable and peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


-August 3-

Peace it Together is proud to announce that five films from the 2011 program - Movement, In the Presence of Absence, Spectrum, Grave Digging and Through a Glass, Darkly - have been selected for the BolderLife Film Festival. The festival will be held in Boulder, Colorado from September 20-23, 2012. Exact screening dates and times are to be announced.

Congratulations to the filmmakers!



-July 12-

Meet the 2011 Participants!

Music by Peace it Together participant Basil Khoury.


-January 10-

On January 8th Peace it Together co-hosted a Pacific Dialogue event in partnership with the University of British Columbia. The evening included a moderated discussion featuring Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders Dr. Sami Adwan and Dr. Gershon Baskin who discussed their personal perspectives on the conflict as well as their work with both Israeli and Palestinian communities, governments and scholars to advance peace in the Middle East. Watch the full event here: