Peace it Together to host renowned peace builders Feb 27-28

Mark your calendars! Peace it Together will be hosting renowned peace builders for a special two-day symposium Feb 27-28, 2013.


Photograffeurs and filmmakers shift focus of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Images of war are often unsettling. They can astonish and unnerve us, make us feel angry, upset, or downright horrified.

But what if what if they reminded us of our own everyday lives? What would that say about these conflicts? What would they say about us?


Peace it Together grateful for ceasefire, urges leaders to strengthen commitment to non-violent negotiation

Last week all of us here at Peace it Together heeded the news of a ceasefire in the Gaza strip with relief and caution. After eight days of the most intense fighting in the region since 2008-2009, we were grateful an agreement had been reached that would put an end to any further loss of life, injury, trauma, and displacement.

Middle East

Calling on leaders to end the violence

Peace it Together has long been concerned with the wellbeing of those living in Israel and Palestine, and the fact that violence has been an everyday reality for some. With the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, and Southern and Central Israel, Peace it Together is now particularly concerned about the safety of all those throughout Israel and Palestine.


Past participant provides insight into what makes for a successful dialogue program

Earlier this month, we received a special message from one of our 2011 program participants, Iftach Shapira. We are delighted that he has agreed to let us share it with you.