Reflections on the 2011 program from participant Tim Hall

During our August 2nd gala screening of the 2011 films, a few of the participants had a chance to get up on stage and talk about their experience at Peace it Together.  Participant Tim Hall's 5 minutes under the spotlight were exceptionally well received as he read snippets from the journal he kept throughout the month.  Here's the transcript...

Day 1

Met Israelis and Palestinians at airport. Strangers.
“What’s your name again? Sorry I forgot."
“Nir. It is short and has three letters just like yours.”
On the bus. “Wow! Oooooooo! Ahhhhhhh! Amazing! So beautiful!”
I’d never experienced a rainbow on the Sea to Sky Highway quite like they were experiencing the one we saw.


2012 Screening Highlights

Over the past 4 months our 2011 participants have been actively screening their films all over Israel, Palestine and Canada. We wanted to share a few highlights with you…


Sustaining the Impact: Film as a peace-building tool

Executive Director Reena Lazar speaks about the role of filmmaking in the Peace it Together program while participants discuss plans to screen their films back home.


Building peace, frame by frame.

As a follow-up to the dialogue sessions, Peace it Together participants work together to create short films that express their viewpoints on the conflict.  In this short video, Film Mentors and students discuss the filmmaking process.


Haiku: the transition to creative expression

Peace it Together participants were asked to write haikus or short poems as a way to distill their experience in the dialogue sessions. The result was an inspiring expression of the creative process.