A message from Avner to our supporters

Last week we received an unexpected message from Avner who was a part of our Israeli delegation and helped create the film “Burdened”. Currently he’s completing his mandatory military service as a combat soldier in the Israeli army.

“Hey Reena,” Avner said. “I just saw the email and video you sent out to possible donors. It brought me to miss everyone a lot and re-think what a significant point Peace it Together was in my life and in building my point of view on the conflict. And it brought me to write a letter that i've addressed to possible donors,… hoping it might be of help to Peace it Together.”  Here is his letter...


Help us raise $1 for every minute of the 2011 program

Peace it Together 2011 is starting in just three Weeks, but the bigger story is already underway.


2011 Israeli and Palestinian participants meet

On April 17th the 2011 Israeli and Palestinian participants met each other for the first time at the Talitha Kumi School in Beit Jala (an area in the West Bank accessible to both Israelis and Palestinians). After making introductions they sat in small mixed groups to discuss their concerns, expectations and hopes about being a part of the Peace it Together program.

In the afternoon, the participants were inspired by 2008 alumni Mahmoud Jabari and Mohammed Abu Maria who joined them to screen their films and talk about the impact Peace it Together has had on their lives.


Pacific Dialogue event at UBC

On January 8th Peace it Together co-hosted a Pacific Dialogue event in partnership with the University of British Columbia. The evening included a moderated discussion featuring Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders Dr. Sami Adwan and Dr. Gershon Baskin who discussed their personal perspectives on the conflict as well as their work with both Israeli and Palestinian communities, governments and scholars to advance peace in the Middle East. Watch the full event here...


Peace it Together 360

'Peace it Together 360' is a short film made by participants of our 2008 program.  In it they share their perspective on the Peace it Together experience.


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