Anita Hung

Anita Hung is currently a student at the University of British Columbia and plans to study international relations. She first learnt about Peace It Together while attending a leadership conference hosted at the university, and fell in love with the idea of using film making as an agency for social issues. Prior to Peace It Together, she has been involved with Free The Children and landmine awareness organizations. She is also very passionate about the environment and was part of a group of students dedicated in the restoration and conservation of Camosun Bog in Vancouver. She intends to continue working with Peace It Together and organizations that strive for conflict resolution. This whole experience reaffirmed her belief that peace is possible and that change can start with a small group of people. In her spare time, Anita enjoys snowboarding, musicals, and travelling. 







Name: Anita Hung
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Born: 1992