Since 2004, Peace it Together has been uniting Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian youth leaders in its unique program that advances peaceful, and reconciliatory approaches to ending the conflict. 

Being a Palestinian participant in Peace it Together helped me to define my role. I keep sharing our films, which continue to tell our stories. As I look back and remember all the memories we had, I am amazed at how much we believed in each other, despite all of our challenges. 

All the support we’ve received after coming back is helping our vision of peace to unfold. The summer camp was just the beginning. We are all in this together. 

- Palestinian participant, 2011 cohort 

Impact on audiences 

After a four-week intensive of facilitated dialogue and filmmaking on Canada’s West coast, young leaders are trained and supported for up to two years to use the short films they created to motivate others to become engaged in peace building. 

  • Youth have screened their films in over 100 workshops with thousands of people in Israel, Palestine and Canada.
  • Over 60% of Israeli and Palestinian audience members say they want to learn more about 'the other side' as a result of watching Peace it Together films.
  • approximately 9 out of 10 Canadian viewers say they would recommend Peace it Together films to their friends.
  • Almost 75% of Canadian audience members say screening workshops with Peace it Together youth helped them better understand aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • The films have catalyzed nuanced and heartfelt discussions among Israeli and Palestinian community groups, surprising even the group members who had been meeting regularly for years. The films and the workshops reportedly took some group dialogue to a significantly deeper level.

Peace it Together was the starting point for me as an activist. Since then, I've gotten more and more involved in activities that are related to the conflict. With hindsight, choosing to participate in Peace it Together was a decision of great importance. Peace it Together was my first step, and a step of great significance.

- Israeli participant, 2011 cohort

Impact on youth

  • After screening their films and engaging with other community members through screening
    workshops, participants have strengthened their belief that film is an important media
    for peace-building.
  • One year after the summer intensive, participants on both sides were more aware of how 'their own side' contributes to sustaining the conflict, thereby increasing their level of commitment to create change.

Peace it Together gives youth the opportunity to grow into true leaders that have the critical awareness to make conscious change in their communities and around the world. This is how movements are created, this is how people are inspired. This is action. This is change.

- Canadian participant, 2011 cohort



*All figures related to screening workshops were compiled from feedback forms collected at a sample of such workshops in Canada and Israel-Palestine, from fall 2011 to spring 2013.