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+ Youth Films

Peace it Together Team

Program Directors
Adri Hamael
Reena Lazar

 Program Facilitators
Hasan Alam
Elan Divon
Najat Dajani
Amber Houssian
Reena Lazar
Aaron Lyons
Omar Kassis
Hila Russ-Woodland
Robyn Wark

Regional Coordinators
Hana Abu Dalu
Linda Divon

Adnan Abu Rmaileh

Palestinian-Israeli Steering Committee
Ora Geva
Mazal Renford

Program Manager
Ranza Clark

Vancouver Coordinators
Melanie Hamael
Hila Russ-Woodland

Drama Mentors
Velcrow Ripper
Claudia Medina
Furheen Chaundry
Documentary Mentor
David Ozier
Animation Mentor
Michael Mann
Shoot Mentor
Dima Kazak

Jenny Breukelman

Technical Support
Atef Abdelkefi
Helen Reed
Kevin Fraser

Script Mentor
Marcus Youssef
Site Manager
Tim Fairbrother

Tim Fairbrother
Ken Fabok
Putu Okuda
Miranda Lilholt

Night Manager
Bodhi St. John

Session Coordinator
Jenny Breukelman

Betsy Fairbrother
Sonia Theroux
Bobbi-Jo Basarab-Pattison
Chris Allen

School Directors
Kenna Fair
Wreford Miller
George Harris

Post Production
Post-Production Supervisor
Erik Paulsson

Post-Production Sound Supervisor
Nicole Thompson

Post-Production Video co-ordinator
Jeff Martinez

Post Production Sound facilities provided by
Western Post
Sharpe Sound

Audio Post Co-ordinator
Laurie Melhus
Sound Editor
Scott Benson
Sound Mixer
Bill Mellow

Post Production Video facilities provided by

Claudio Sepulveda

Video Layback
Dave Wilkinson

+ Peacing It Together

Nova Ami
Erik Paulsson

Erik Paulsson

Produced with the assistance of
The Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund

Heritage Canada   Canada
BC Arts Council


Erik Paulsson

Additional Camera
Nova Ami
Bo Myers

Location Sound
Nova Ami
Bo Myers
Erik Paulsson

Additional Editing
Rafi Spivak
Jeanne Slater

Post Production Supervisor
Larry DiStefano

Music Supervisor
Androo Mitchell, Soundtrax Music Services
Sound Editor/Mixer
Miguel Nunes

Post Production Picture Services by
Technicolor Vancouver

Color Timer
Claudio Sepulveda


Written and performed
by Adham Shaikh
from the album “Collectivity”
P & C (2006) Sonic Turtle Music Publishing

“Beyond I”
Written and performed
by Adham Shaikh
From the album “Collectivity”
P & C (2006) Sonic Turtle Music Publishing

“Shake It”
Written and performed
by Adham Shaikh
From the album  “Fusion”
P & C (2004) Sonic Turtle Music Publishing

Written by Erran Baron Cohen
Performed by Zohar
From the album “OneThreeSeven”
Published by Bugle Songs Ltd (PRS)
P & C (2001) Ark21

Special Thanks

Reena Lazar, Adri Hamael, The Peace It Together Society, Gulf Islands Film & Television School, Kenna Fair, Bo Myers, Larry DiStefano, Rafi Spivak, Jeanne Slater, Diana Wilson,, John Bromley, Marilyn Hindmarch, James Perry, Scott Estes, Androo Mitchell, Atef Abdelkefi,

…and all the youth participants of Peace It Together 2006

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