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We would greatly appreciate feedback from you and your students.  Be sure to fill in our feedback form and either mail it back to us, or fill it in on our web site.  With your help we intend to improve and expand on our educational material.

If you prefer to download a printable version of the feedback form please click here for a .pdf

Questionnare for Students

Questions marked with * are mandatory

1. How old are you?*

2. Where do you live?*

3. In what class (what subject) did your teacher / facilitator present these films?*

4. Which film(s) did you watch and how would you rate the films you watched as a learning tool?
Answer between 1 (did not learn anything new) and 5 (I learned a lot from this film)

Peacing It Together Documentary
On the Line
Caped in Mist
Sweet Like Chocolate
These are my Peelings
The Carrot
No Place for Dreamers
Extra Footage

5. What did you learn from the film(s) that you watched?
Answer on a scale of 1 (no not at all) to 5 (yes very much so)

I better understand the issues central to this conflict.
I better understand the impact this conflict has on Israelis.
I better understand the impact this conflict has on Palestinians.
I learned about new ways to promote trust, peace, and understanding between people in conflict.
I learned what it is like to be a teenage living in conflict.
The films and discussion made me think about the roles of outsiders or third parties.
I identified new questions or issues that I will explore on my own.
Please explain:
I learned something that I can relate to my own life.
Please explain:
I learned other things.
Please explain:

6. What impact did the film(s) have on you personally?

7. Would you recommend these film(s) for other students your age? Why or why not?

8. What kind of peace-promoting actions do these films and the discussions inspire you to take?

9. Do you have any other comments for the organizers of the program and producers of these films?



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