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Peacing It TogetherPeacing it Together — The Documentary (29 min)
During the Peace it Together summer program, award-winning filmmakers Erik Paulsson and Nova Ami followed several Israeli and Palestinian youth on their remarkable and inspiring journeys of hope. 

On the LineOn the Line (7:50)
A docudrama about a real friendship between two Israeli and Palestinian teenagers who met at a peace camp in Canada. Two years later, they encounter each other at opposite sides of a checkpoint.
Made by: Ala’a Abu Dawoud (Palestinian-Israeli), Ragheb Askari (Palestinian), Yana Galfrin (Israeli), Pirouz Nemati (Canadian)

(Mis)Interpretation(Mis)Interpretation (4:36)
This film is a non-linear drama about stereotypes and fear that takes us into the world of assumptions and presumptions.
Made by: Razan Abdel Rahman (Palestinian), Nadav Dan Goor (Israeli), Bénédicte (Benny) Etienne (Canadian), Maoz Nagauger (Israeli), Ellis Tregidgo (Canadian).

Sweet Like ChocolateSweet Like Chocolate (5:24)
This documentary captures testimonies exploring peace, freedom, and fear. Abstract visions are intertwined with future hopes.
Made by: Nir Ayalon (Israeli), Kelsey Smith (Canadian), Nadav Strumtza (Israeli), Hadil Yasin (Palestinian)

These are My PeelingsThese are My Peelings (3:33)
Represented by onions, Palestinians and Israelis discover what happens when they uncover their layers of pain.
Made by: Haneen Abu-Libdeh (Palestinian), Naama Avitzur (Israeli), Chloe Edbrooke (Canadian), Majdi Saleh Hafi (Palestinian)

The CarrotThe Carrot (1:29)
An animation about two rabbits fighting over a carrot. As the battle wages, the carrot is no longer important, it is all about who’s winning the fight. Young rabbits are then left to make peace with each other.
Made by: Gideon Scanlon (Canadian), Maya Sharon (Israeli), Muhammed Shaura (Palestinian), Ofir Vaknin (Israeli)

No Place for DreamersNo Place for Dreamers (7:55)
A video exploration of a romantic relationship between a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman. Using visual glimpses into their relationship, the film addresses issues in the current Israeli- Palestinian conflict.
Made by: Nadin Abu Dalu (Palestinian, Israeli), Ira Jordisson (Canadian), Saad Mahmoud (Palestinian), Inbar Sofri (Israeli).

Caped in Mist Caped in Mist (6:25)
A short dramatic film about Israeli and Palestinian youths co-existing peacefully on a secluded island. After a shipwrecked teenager arrives to reveal the truth about the conflict, the youths come up with a peace plan.
Made by: A’asem Abu Shtia (Palestinian-Israeli), Alex deBoer (Canadian), Sol Kauffman (Canadian), Saray Yehiel (Israeli)

DVD includes extra documentary footage including:

Intentions Workshop (3:59)
Students discuss their intentions for the camp, and then write them on pieces of paper and hang them on an intentions tree.

Dealing with Conflict Workshop (3:10)
A facilitator guides the youths to think about how they deal with conflict on a personal level.

Frustrations (8:44)
Participants candidly talk about the challenges of the process.

Having Fun (4:08)
This is a collage of good times outside of filmmaking and dialogue.

“What I Learned” Workshop (4:40)
Held in the last days of the camp, students are first asked what they learned and then about how their experience in Canada changed them.

Small Group Discussion (19:04)
In a small group, the youths discuss their reaction to the film “Promises” and move on to talking about checkpoints, Hamas, and Israeli military service.

Needs Workshop (8:42)
In this workshop, participants were asked to articulate the needs of the other side and then to verify if their peers covered the issues accurately. The Palestinians express their many grievances while the Israeli students defend their country’s actions.

Premiere Screening (29:34)
After leaving Galiano Island, the youths present their films to a sold-out theatre in Vancouver. In this clip each film group talks about their film and their experience in front of 650 people. Representatives from each national group then read to the audience the letters of commitment that they wrote to each other.

Interviews with participants:

Hadeel, Palestinian (6:16)
Nadav, Israeli (3:46)
Majdi, Palestinian (4:43)
Yana, Israeli (4:07)
Ala’a, Palestinian (4:10)
Nir, Israeli (6:56)

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